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Edgemont, the award-winning teen drama, has been entertaining, informing and affecting audiences of all ages since 2000. Now, with four seasons behind them and a fifth season ready to premiere in the Fall of 2004, Edgemont is well on the way to being "That" show - the one that defines a whole generation of teenagers - and not just Canadian teens. According to our fan mail, teens and adults all over the world identify with, and are entertained by, Edgemont - truly one of CBC's flagship success stories.

Today Edgemont has over half a million viewers in English Canada alone. While not yet available the recent sale to French Canada promises similar viewing numbers. The show has been sold to countries like the U.S., the UK, Ireland, France, Greece, Slovakia, The Netherlands, the Philippines and Yugoslavia where this popular series has quickly become a favorite. For example, after Edgemont's launch in France in the summer of 2003, French viewers quickly became big fans with 51% of the 14 to 18 year olds watching Edgemont daily - helping Edgemont consistently beat out top-rated Lizzie McGuire and Friends in the ratings.

The Magazine Not For Adults - September 2003
Kristin Kreuk - by Benn MacDonald
"Kristin Kreuk is the very lovely and talented Canadian actress who plays the roles of Lana on Smallville and Laurel on Edgemont. We had the opportunity to have a phone chat with Kristin to ask her a few questions, Mag style."

Full article available at: www.themagazine.ca

TV Guide - April 2003
Flying High - by Kevin Dickson
"They're not made of steel, but Smallville's up-, up-and-comers are definitely made of gold. Their superstardom has taken the talented Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum by surprise - but they're battling this evil together ... This "easy" lifestyle has enable Kreuk to hold on to her other job, as Laurel on the Canadian teen drama Edgemont, while working on Smallville ..."

Full article available at: www.tvguide.ca

Vancouver Province - December 2002
Kristin's Sweet Success - by Bridget Byrne
"When Kristin Kreuk auditioned for Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All, she didn't believe she would land the title role in the TV movie."

Full article available at: www.pacpress.southam.ca

TV Times - December 2002
Double billing - by Alison Cunningham-McMillan
"If you don't know Kristin Kreuk by name, chances are you recognize her face. After all, she is hard to miss. The 19-year-old Vancouver native is the breakout star of not one, but TV series. She has also adorned the covers of countless magazines over the past year. And she even graced TV screens last season as Snow White."

Full article available at: www.Canada.com/tvtimes

McLean's - September 2002
Leaders Of Tomorrow: 25 young Canadians who are already changing the world.

The Accidental Actress - by Katrina Dickson
"If Kristin Kreuk has her school years to live over again - which she does, sort of - she might do things differently. Barely two years ago, she was impatiently counting the days before she could flee Vancouver's Eric Hamber Secondary school and enroll in university, when life played a cosmic joke. At the urging of her drama teacher, she auditioned and won the role of Laurel on the edgy CBC-TV high school series, Edgemont. Then WB, producers of the U.S. network hit Smallville, came courting, and Kreuk landed the role of Lana Lang, high school cheerleader and love interest of Superboy Clark Kent."

Full article available at: www.mcleans.ca

Fashion 18 - September 2002
Super Woman: Canada's Starlet Kristin Kreuk is on the track from Smallville to Bigville - by Sarah Reeder
"Kristin Kreuk looks a little like a turtle, with her bulging backpack, black turtleneck and almond-shaped hazel eyes, quietly slipping into a Vancouver photography studio ... At 5' 4", the 19 year old is even tinier than she looks on TV, with perfect skin and thick, straight, brown hair ... Kristin is so down-to-earth it's tempting to forget she's also a rising star ..."

Full article available at: www.fashion18.com

Vancouver Magazine - September 2002
The Star Next Door - by Alisa Smith
"She doesn't really like to be noticed. But Kristin Kreuk is, like a Russian sub in American waters. An undeniable radar pull. She has perfect skin, a mega-watt smile, dimples, doe eyes. In the Vancouver-shot WB series Smallville - which thrived in the brutal TV rating war during its first year - she stars as Lana Lang, love interest of the young Superman ... the striking Vancouverite graces magazine covers from here to Europe, and has already fielded feature film offers. She's this season's Bright Young Thing."

Full article available at: www.vancouvermagazine.com

YM Neutrogena Ad - August 2002
Back cover advertisement
An example of Kristin Kreuk as part of Neutrogena's "Young Faces" Campaign.

YM Prom - April 2002
Take Kristin's Advice - by Sheryl Nields
A question and answer format where KK gives prom advice to young teens. "Kristin Kreuk didn't go to her prom. But don't worry about our problem solver: she's qualified. At Kristin's school in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she grew up, the big-deal event is the grad dinner dance, and she did go to that."

Full article available at: www.ym.com

Banana Mag - Spring 2002
Willing Grace: Witty and ebullient, Grace Park is miles away from the uptight brainiac she plays on Television. Meet Edgemont's sexiest nerd - by Christine Miguel
"Her personal best is dancing for 20 hours straight, good practice for the opening scene of Romeo Must Die, where her slinky, homoerotic pas de deux exuded more heat than the remaining 2 hours of film. Clearly Grace Park is in no danger of being typecast as the brainy and ambitious overachiever Shannon Ng on CBC's high school drama Edgemont."

Full article available at: www.bananamag.ca

Rolling Stone - March 2002
Tall Tales From Smallville - by Erik Hedegaard
... "Kristin Kreuk is wearing tight flare jeans and a white shawl-collar sweater, her long, dark hair pinned up with shoots and tendrils dropping; being half Dutch and half Chinese, she is totally dewy to look at. It is little wonder, then, that the Neutrogena people recently chose her to be their new spokesmodel ..."

Full article available at: www.Rollingstone.com

TV Week - March 2002

The Cover Girl Next Door - by Greg Potter
"Over the past two years she's gone from Honour role senior at Vancouver's Eric Hamber High to starring roles in CBC's Edgemont, WB's Smallville, and the ABC TV flick Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All. Over the past six months, she has been dubbed one of the year's "Hottest New Stars" by U.S. pop-cult barometers Entertainment Weekly, E! Online, Hollywood.com and USA Today. Over the past 30 days she has sat for interviews and posed for photo shoots with People, Teen People and Seventeen Magazines. Her name is Kristin Kreuk and, at 19, she is less consumed by all the media attention then downright mystified."

Full article available at: http://www.canadawide.com/tvweek.php?id=6

Vancouver Province - March 2002
Glam Girl - by Susie Wall
A "who's wearing who" weekly column focusing on Elana Nep who plays Erin Woodbridge in CBC's Edgemont.

Full article available at: www.pacpress.southam.ca

Reel West - December 2001
Class Act - by Ian Caddell
"Will Edgemont be the jumpboard? Kristin Kreuk is on the verge of Stardom. She is shooting the third season of Edgemont while commuting to the suburban set of the WB network's Smallville. In mid-November she was scheduled to sit for a cover photo for Rolling Stone Magazine. And before the month was over she will star as Snow White in the television movie (sic). Regina native Sarah Lind had a regular role in Alberta's Mentors and Saskatchewan's The Incredible Story Studio. Toronto's Dominic Zamprogna was already a veteran with appearances in the series PSI Factor and The Wind At My Back and the feature film, The Boy's Club. Vanessa King received a Gemini nomination for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series. Vancouver's Grace Park came to it from roles in the series The Immortal and Secret Agent Man. Richmond's Micah John Gardener was in Carpool and episodes of Cold Squad, Millennium and The Odyssey."

Full article available at: feedback@Edgemont.tv

Vancouver Sun - December 2001
About town Column: New Wave Makes Splash - by Malcolm Perry
"Michael Chechik and Ian Weir, the Edgemont TV-series executive producers, wrapped their third season's production at the strikebound CBC and held a cast party and screening at the Cordova Cafe ..."

Full article available at: www.pacpress.southam.ca

Elle Canada - November 2001
Article in Radar: girl uninterrupted - by Alisa Smith
"When 18 year old Kristin Kreuk wakes up - well it's like she's still dreaming. What will she be today? Snow White, waking up for her prince in an ABC TV miniseries airing this fall? Or Lana Lang, love interest to the teenage Superman, in the ambitious new WB series Smallville? Or will she just be herself, a wide-eyed beauty who never planned to be an actress and who just happens to have a lifelong love of fairy tales, from the Littlest Mermaid to the cult hit The Princess Bride?"

Full article available at: www.ellecanada.com

Toronto Sun - November 2001
Kristin's On A Role: actually, Vancouver teen is on 3 ... - by Bill Brioux
"Some actors are happy to land any job. Then there's Kristin Kreuk. The pretty Vancouver teen has three projects on the go. Young Canadians know her as Laurel the looker on the edgy teen drama Edgemont ... she also has the title role in the upcoming ABC live action update of Snow White."

Full article available at: http://www.canoe.com/NewsStand/TorontoSun/home.html

Globe and Mail - November 2001
The not-so-junior highs - by Leah McLaren
"Although aimed at young audiences, the new teen-angst TV shows are attracting an adult following too ... The CBC series Edgemont, now in its second season, has enjoyed some ... accidental grownup following. I count myself among the ranks of those who have become emotionally involved with the sensitive, angst-ridden teens featured on the drama."

Full article available at: www.Globeandmail.ca

National Post - January 2001
New Show Fun to Hang Out With - by Cori Howard
"If you don't know Kristin Kreuk by name, chances are you recognize her face. After all, she is hard to miss. The 19-year-old Vancouver native is the breakout star of not one, but TV series. She has also adorned the covers of countless magazines over the past year. And she even graced TV screens last season as Snow White."

Full article available at: feedback@Edgemont.tv