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photoDOMINIC ZAMPROGNA plays Mark (18), energetic, charismatic, a natural athlete and a born leader, who has had a turbulent time when it comes to romance. Despite his personal charm and fundamental decency, Mark has a knack for avoiding complexities he doesn't want to face, until it's too late and there's a full-blown crisis at hand.

Zamprogna's television credits include the series PSI Factor, Wind At My Back, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Zamprogna also played a lead role in the Alliance/ OB&D feature film The Boys Club and the television movie Dying to Dance. Zamprogna co-stars in the feature film Almost America, which was chosen as the opening night Gala presentation for the 2001 Calgary Film Festival.

photoSARAH LIND plays Jennifer (17), the proverbial 'girl-next-door'. Combining a sweet naivete with a maturity that often seems to go beyond her years, she is the best friend anyone could hope to have. Now that's she's totally past her big breakup with Mark she's started something really special with Chris, despite the fact that her brother Derek - and Mark for that matter, have all warned her against him. Is what they say true or will he be there while she makes the biggest decision of her young life?

Lind's numerous credits include leading roles on the television series Wolf Lake, Family & Friends and Mentors. She was a guest star on the series The Incredible Story Studio and First Wave, and played a series regular on Corporate Gangsters. Lind has played principal roles in the television movies You're Not Alone and Operation X-Mas Child. Recently she appears in Gary Burns new film A Problem With Fear.

photoKRISTIN KREUK plays Laurel (18), savvy, hip, artistic, and fundamentally shy. Laurel has made a life for herself in Edgemont, so after a summer in Houston she returns to McKinley High with a mission - to finish things with Mark and decide on the course her life will take. Both things turn out to be much harder to do than she expected. Slowly, tentatively, Laurel begins to let herself believe that she and Mark can make a go of it - until Tracey shares some information about how Mark really spent part of his summer. And now her new agent is pressuring her for an answer, is she going to take the modeling job in Japan or not?

Having had no previous experience besides theatre productions at Eric Hamber high school where she was a student, Edgemont provided Kreuk with her first professional acting gig. After her first season of Edgemont, Kreuk appeared in the title role of the ABC/Hallmark TV Movie Snow White, co-starring Miranda Richardson, and she also landed a lead role in the Warner Bros. Television series Smallville. Kreuk is also one of the faces of NEUTROGENA cosmetics.

photoVANESSA KING plays Anika (18), the quintessential 'Queen Bee' - a born manipulator and gifted conniver. For years unchallenged as a self-styled arbiter of fashion and taste, Anika is shaken when her best friends, and even her boyfriend, challenge her power on the totem pole. The princess is forced to face herself as she loses all she once ruled over. Has she learned anything from this or will heads once again roll as Anika makes her comeback?

King's credits include guest-starring roles on the television series So Weird, The Odyssey, Nightman and Are You Afraid of the Dark. King plays a recurring role in the series Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and was nominated for a Gemini Award in '93 for her role in the CBC television movie Liar, Liar. King played lead roles in the Showtime movie Ronnie and Julie and the Universal feature Access Denied. She recently appeared in an episode of Jinna On Crime. She was nominated for a Gemini Award for her performance in the Season I Edgemont episode entitled This Song's For You and has been nominated for 3 Leo Awards for Best Performance, bringing one home last spring for her work in Season lll.

photoELANA NEP plays Erin (17), the proverbial handmaiden - who was a drone to Anika's 'Queen Bee' until Anika abused her one time to many. Erin strikes out on her own quest for cool, but she never seems to quite make it. She has declared war on her former friend - but has she learned too much from Anika?

Nep's credits include appearances on the WTN series You, Me & The Kids, the CBS television movie Like Father, Like Son and the Nickelodeon series Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

photoMICAH JOHN GARDENER plays Craig (18), Erin's brother. Craig was the gawky guy with the earnest expression, always putting up a poster for something, and ever on the lookout for new ways to save the world. But as the years go by he's been attracting the ladies - starting with Queen Bee Anika. As the latest season unfolds, he finds himself interested in a lot more than the environment. He and Kat seem to share a special bond, and the new girl Shelby sure is cute…the question is - will he turn out to be a warrior for the cause or a failed Casanova?

Gardener's credits include a co-starring role in the Warner Bros. feature Carpool and a lead role in the television movie Atomic Dog. He has appeared on the television series Dark Angel, Cold Squad, Millennium, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, The Master Of Horror And Suspense and The Odyssey.

photoP.J. PRINSLOO plays Chris (18), a guy who knows what he wants, and how to get it. At least he used to. Bright, glib and attractive - he's a guy with considerable status at school. Amongst the girls, Chris cultivates his image as a guy who is 'dangerous and therefore irresistible'. But then he falls for Jennifer - big time. And everything seems to be working out great, despite the fact that everyone in Jen's life resents him. Then life really throws a bombshell into the mix - is he ready to be a dad?

Prinsloo's credits include a lead role in the MGM feature Disturbing Behavior. His television credits include the MOW's I'll Be Home For Christmas for Disney and Sipes vs. McGhee for USA Networks. He has appeared on the television series Nightman, The Odyssey, Breaker High and The X-Files.

photoRICHARD KAHAN plays Gil (18). He would love to have just a little of Chris' cool rub off on him, but deep down he has the gnawing sense that he's condemned to be an also-ran. He and Kat almost had something once - but that was before she knew he was the secret, online, admirer that intrigued her. And Erin liked him once - for about 5 minutes. But it's trying to recapture those 5 minutes that drive him to his greatest achievement to date - writing a play that not only will impress Erin but also gets him a love scene with Laurel! It's foolproof- for anyone but Gil.

Kahan made his television debut in Edgemont. He recently appeared in Heart of America, an independent film called A Fortune in Frozen Dim Sum, and is known as the "Nokia guy" in their ads.

photoMEGHAN BLACK plays Kat (17). Blazingly bright, possessed of a deadly sarcastic wit, Kat is bored at school and beginning to drift. Confused and hurt by her parents' break-up, she's increasingly alienated and rebellious. Given a chance, she might show a softer core. And maybe that kiss Craig gave her meant more to her then she lets on - maybe it was enough to actually get her thinking about "girl stuff" ... maybe.

Black has appeared in the feature film Trixie and was a recurring lead in the WTN series You, Me & the Kids. Her series television credits include Night Visions, Beggars & Choosers and DaVinci's Inquest. Black has also appeared in the television movies Flight of the Reindeer, The Linda McCartney Story both for CBS and Soul Survivor for Fox Television. Recently she had leading roles in MOWs Dangerous Acquaintances and A Stranger Beside Me and the television re-make of Carrie.

photoGRACE PARK plays Shannon (18). Perceptive and insightful, Shannon has a million strongly-held opinions, and is never shy about expressing them. From a Christian background and politically aware, she comes at life with a sharply focused (if slightly undigested) feminist perspective. During the last season she was horrified when she began to realize that she's gay. This season she takes the plunge and comes out to her parents and friends - losing her home in the process. Will she make it on her own?

Park's credits include the feature films Romeo Must Die and Mr. Magoo, as well as the television series The Immortal, Secret, and Battlestar Galactica.

photoDANIELLA EVANGELISTA plays Tracey (18). Popular and outgoing, she's connected to half the clubs and activities in the school and moves easily between the various social groups. She's also a formidable source of gossip and information. She likes Mark a lot and the question of whether or not he and Laurel are together haunts her. After yet another encounter with Mark blows up in her face, she finds out what it's like living under the gossip shadow herself. Will she set the record straight or let the rumours slide?

Evangelista has appeared in the feature films Mangler 2.0, Wishmaster 3: Sword of Justice, Ripper: A Letter From Hell, and Disturbing Behavior. Her series television credits include guest starring roles on the series First Wave, The Outer Limits, Secret Agent Man, Cold Squad, and Madison. Other films include: Try Seventeen with Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore and Franca Potente; in Wilder Days with Tim Daly and Peter Falk for TNT; and a lead role in the independent feature Life is a Beach. She is also the voice of "Kato" in the new animated series Hamtaro. Recently she played the lead in Someday, a new hot Nickleback single.

photoCHAS HARRISON plays Kevin (18), one of life's natural-born slackers. He once tried to be a Guiness-record breaking slacker by lying on a couch. Kevin has never applied himself to much of anything. Brighter than he likes people to realize (because being bright means people expect things of you), Kevin has a wry, appealing take on the world, and on his less than glorious place in the scheme of things. What, or who, will inspire him to make a move?

Harrison's television credits include Jack London's Call of the Wild, The Tourist Trap, Breaker High and Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

photoJOHN HENRY REARDON plays Josh, 21, an "older" film student who came to McKinley high as a tutor in the film program, is always eager to help out the younger students, and, as it turns out, some of them are more than willing to help him find his way around McKinley High. But it's Laurel he finds himself increasingly fascinated with, and that fuels the tensions between Laurel and Mark. As Mark and Laurel stumble, Josh's involvement with Laurel intensifies. But is Laurel really interested in him or is she just using him to help her get over Mark?

Reardon's television credits include First To Die (NBC mini-series), Twilight Zone, Real World: The Lost Season (MOW), The Chris Isaak Show, and Made in Canada. Recent film credits are The Fifth Bank Robber and Trailer Park Boys.

photoBRITT IRVIN plays Paige Leckie, (19), the skater-chick with attitude, newly hired to work with Mark on the loading dock. She's abrupt, forceful, prickly, defensive and not the least interested in finding a guy... so what's going on between her and Mark? And what's Mark gonna say when he meets the other man in her life - her 6 month old son Jack? As she tries to get herself back on track and into school she finds herself depending on him more and more and wondering if he's really over Laurel ...

Irvin is an award-winning young veteran of the biz. She has acted in over 25 film and television productions including Family Curse, Cold Squad, Wasted, Stargate, Quarantine, Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue, and Inertia, to name a few.

photoVIKKI KRINSKY plays Shelby, (17). As Anika's newest follower and pliable lieutenant, Shelby finds out first-hand exactly what the cost of loyalty can be - especially since she is in Erin's direct line of fire. Will she stay in Anika's shadow, giving her all to save the Queen? Or does she really have a hidden agenda? One that includes a special night, an amazing evening gown and Craig - Anika's boyfriend?

Edgemont is Krinsky's first series. She has a background in theatre and has also appeared as a lead in the television pilot Wild Card, and the film I Know.