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Over the past four seasons Edgemont has been nominated for 20 Leo and Gemini Awards for excellence in every category. So far the series' writers, actors, and directors have brought home 5 awards including the 2003 Leo for Best Youth Series.

Nominations and Awards List:

  • Award Nominations over the past four seasons include seven Leo nominations in the performance category (Myles Ferguson, Kristin Kreuk, Vanessa King, Micah Gardener and Sarah Lind), five nominations for writing (Ian Weir, Stacey Kaser, Susin Nielsen and Joan MacLeod), Four Directing nominations (Anthony Atkins, Fred Frame and Bill Gereghty) and two nominations for Best Youth Series.

  • Leo Awards were taken home in 2002 by Sarah Lind (performance) and Ian Weir (writer).

  • In 2003 Vanessa King (performance) and Bill Gereghty (directing) received statues while the producers of Edgemont took home Best Youth Series honours.

  • Gemini Award nominations for Edgemont include Vanessa King for performance and Ian Weir for writing.